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For those less worried about the golf and more worried about the social element of the game, an outstanding treat house is included on the front 9 where hot canines, candies, jerky, drinks, and homemade treats abound. While this course can just be taken pleasure in less than 6 months a year due to the amount of snow it handles, it is an excellent destination and club to delight in with your kids and good friends during the summertime break. Tees Par Yardage Ranking Slope Pioneer 72 7166 72. 7 142 Frontier 72 6773 71 - Big Sky Yellowstone Club Real Estate. 4 133 Yellowstone 72 6307 68. 9 120 Gallatin 72 5692 66.

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4 120 Signature Hole: 4th Hole 434 Lawn Par 4 When I asked the assistant pro what his preferred hole on the property was he didn't think twice to state # 4 as the one (Yellowstone Club Houses). This par four is highlighted by a pond on the right side and mountain in the range that create an attractive setting. If you believe you are going to bring your tee shot over the water then reconsider, even at 8,000 feet elevation. The play is up the left side where the fairway slopes balls back towards the middle and into prime shape to attack the flag.

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4th Hole at Yellowstone Club (434 Backyard Par 4) fourth Hole at Yellowstone Club (434 Lawn Par 4) Best Par 3: sixth Hole 203 Backyards The 6th is a timeless over-the-water one-shotter that features a mountain backdrop and a waterfall tumbling down from the 7th fairway left wing. 5 bunkers secure the green with 4 remaining in the front and one behind the putting surface area. The bailout is right of the pond for those requirement sensation strong enough to carry the water, however with the thin mountain air as your friend you must feel good about flying your tee ball all the way to the putting surface.

The much shorter, and much easier, play is to the green left wing that is fronted by bunkers however supplies a backstop to play off of onto the putting surface. The best green is not just 25 lawns even more away, however it is significantly raised and is fronted by a big waste location. A pair of towering pines create virtual goalposts to intend through. The green on the best certainly supplies the more amazing choice but going to the left is a nice alternative for the player that may struggle to get the ball airborne. 9th Hole at Yellowstone Club (325L/351R Backyard Par 4) 9th Hole at Yellowstone Club (325L/351R Backyard Par 4) Best Par 5: 12th Hole 541 Lawns The par 5 12th features a blind tee shot from the tips with a ski run carved through the trees in the distance becoming the ideal line to take.

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The lowered green is fronted by a creek that feeds into a pond that sets the best border of the putting surface and is the most significant contention to think about when assaulting the green. Yellowstone Club Houses. With mountains, elevation changes, water, and a chance to score well, there is a lot to like when teeing it up on the 12th. 12th Hole at Yellowstone Club (541 Lawn Par 5) 12th Hole at Yellowstone Club (541 Yard Par 5) 12th Hole at Yellowstone Club (541 Yard Par 5) Birdie Time: 2nd Hole 479 Backyard Par 4 How in the world can a 479 lawn par 4 be featured as the Birdie Time hole you may wonder? Well, when the tee shot plummets downhill to a broad, downhill sloping fairway you quickly determine how.

I need to admit, it is a lots of enjoyable and a good stroke to the ego to play a hole like this. While it may appear insane, the very first 2 holes add up to nearly 1,000 yards but the elevation drops are so extreme that you'll likely be left with short clubs into the green. Welcome to mountain golf in the West! Second Hole at Yellowstone Club (479 Backyard Par 4) Bogey Be Careful: 10th Hole 443 Lawn Par 4 The beginning hole on the back nine starts with a blind tee shot to a rolling fairway where finding a flat lie is uncommon at best. Yellowstone Club Houses. 5 acres. You'll need to be fast for the customized houses as all the excellent ones recently provided have been snapped up and are under contracts, as are these three ranches. Nevertheless if you have actually got a cool USD$ 22million (AU$ 30m) laying around then this condo in The Village has your name on it. Have a look at the photo gallery and put yourself in the picture. Picture: Yellowstone Club Image: Yellowstone Club Image: Yellowstone Club Picture: Yellowstone Club Picture: Yellowstone Club Picture: Yellowstone Club Picture: Yellowstone Club Photo: Yellowstone Club Photo: Yellowstone Club Photo: Yellowstone Club Image: Yellowstone Club Six bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, media room, decks, fireplaces and skipping distance to both the resort medical spa and the nearby chairlift.

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com. A very long time travel and way of life reporter and ski writer, she's been released in ESPN, TIME, Wallpaper *, Action Asia, Inside Sport, Australian Financial Review, Emirates Open Skies, Conde Nast Traveler and more. She was the Fairfax snow blogger from 2007 to 2017 and the Southern Hemisphere editor for On, The, Snow. Rachael is also a documentary producer, author, radio announcer and humorist.

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The Yellowstone Club is a private residential club, ski resort, and golf resort located in Madison County, just west of Big Sky, Montana. Most of the ski runs are on Pioneer Mountain (45°13′52.98″N 111°27′4.52″W). Pioneer Mountain has a summit elevation of 9,859 feet (3,005 m). Buying Real Estate requires membership in the Yellowstone Club.

The Yellowstone Club resort has several lifts and ski runs that tie it directly into Big Sky Resort's lift system. The Big Sky ski area and the Yellowstone Club share a five-mile border. The ski resorts are surrounded by 250,000 acres of the Gallatin National Forest.

Snowfall averages approximately 300 inches a year and is very consistent from year to year and week to week. Although it is one of the few western ski resorts located east of the continental divide, the area receives consistent light snows. The club's tagline is "Private Powder" and this is made possible by frequent snow, low skier traffic, and exclusive Real Estate.

$ 18-million to ski with the world's wealthiest people if that's what you desire! The Rocky Mountain ski and golf club lies in eastern Madison County, simply west of Big Sky, Montana, south of Bozeman and northwest of Yellowstone National forest. Membership reportedly costs a minimum of $250,000 to join, plus the expense of a $5 million to $35 million for a mountainside home, plus annual charges of about $20,000. To keep its exclusivity, subscription is capped at just over 800 plus members. Bond-style escape tunnel. If skiing while rubbing shoulders with some of the wealthiest individuals in the world interest you, discover the full listing here.